WordPress CLI Commands

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wp help

Available commands:

   wp blog create|delete|empty
   wp cache add|decr|delete|flush|get|incr|replace|set|type
   wp cap add|list|remove
   wp comment approve|count|create|delete|last|spam|status|trash|unapprove|unspam|untrash
   wp core config|download|init-tests|install|install-network|is-installed|update|update-db|version
   wp db cli|create|drop|export|import|optimize|query|repair|reset
   wp eval
   wp eval-file
   wp export
   wp help
   wp home
   wp media import|regenerate
   wp option add|delete|get|update
   wp plugin activate|deactivate|delete|install|list|path|status|toggle|uninstall|update|update-all
   wp post create|delete|edit|generate|get|list|update
   wp post-meta add|delete|get|update
   wp rewrite dump|flush|structure
   wp role create|delete|exists|list
   wp scaffold _s|child-theme|plugin|plugin-tests|post-type|taxonomy
   wp search-replace
   wp shell
   wp term create|delete|list|update
   wp theme activate|delete|install|list|path|status|update|update-all
   wp transient delete|get|set|type
   wp user add-role|create|delete|generate|import-csv|list|remove-role|set-role|update
   wp user-meta add|delete|get|update

See ‘wp help <command>’ for more information on a specific command.

Global parameters:

   --config=<path>    Path to the wp-cli config file
   --path=<path>      Path to the WordPress files
   --url=<url>        Pretend request came from given URL
   --user=<id|login>  Set the WordPress user
   --require=<path>   Load given PHP file before running the command
   --[no-]color       Whether to colorize the output
   --debug            Show all PHP errors
   --quiet            Suppress informational messages