How to Modify WP User through phpMyAdmin

How to Modify WP User through phpMyAdmin

 Note: This guide is showing how to change the user password, but you can also modify more of the user. Such Login, display name,  email. 

You will need to log into phpMyAdmin, if you are not sure how to, you can get all the info right from the panel. 

How to Log in to phpMyAdmin

Then you will see the database in the upper left side


Select the database for your site


Now you will see the info for that database. What you are looking for contains “users“, the prefix can change, select the options.


Then click the browse


Now you will see your user(s).


  You will click the Pencil   (this is the edit button) next to next to the entry to modify it. The edit page:


For changing your password make sure to change the “Function” to “MD5” (see above)

Then click the GO to save it.

That’s it.