WordPress wp-config-sample.php file

WordPress wp-config-sample.php

Only modify if you know what your are doing. 

Default WordPress .htaccess file code:

If you ever lose your wp-config.php file, or need to replace it. You can create a simple text file using any text program like notepad to create this. You will need to enter the correct values for your site info, such as your database, hostname, database user and password. Don’t know those, then go here for a how-to:


When you save it, the file will be wp-config-sample.php.txt You will upload that to the server, then you will rename it to “wp-config.php“. Here is a default text file download. You can download this and upload it, but don’t forget to rename it.

right click “save link as..” for default .txt file with wp-config.php

also you can use:

wp-config.php Generator

DO NOT FORGET, you have to modify with your site settings!