Dreamhosters.com Subdomain

A Dreamhosters.com is a  FREE subdomain you can create to build your new/dev/test site on. If you do not have a domain, or want to a new site without taking your domain down, you can use a dreamhosters subdomain.  You can also build a test/dev site off your current site if you want (if hosted here).

To see more info on WordPress and Dreamhosters:


 If you want to create it on your current domain, check the following link to see difference between subdomain and subdirectory:


Start by going to your Manage Domains Page :


You will need to add the domain to your hosting.:


Pick a unique name, then add dreamhosters.com to it:




You can fully host the domain, I used a mirror to test a wordpress site.

 Once you have set this up, the dns will still have to propagate.