How to make Private Whois Public

How do I remove the Private whois!!?

 ICANN  now requires for domain names whois to be verified.  So you will still see your info on the panel whois, but you can make the domain private to the internet.  If you have it private, and need to public, you will want to adjust all settings and make sure the email is a valid email (which you have access to).           

Go to your  registrations page and click the whois checkbox next to your domain and hit the “Modify Whois!”


On the next page you will see the private whois button at the top:


You want ALL the private contacts(all of the whois info), not just the “Registrantmake sure to use the Use this information for Registrant, Admin, Tech, and Billing Records checkbox. If you do not, then you will only be modifying the current tab, for example Registrant, that you are currently selected on. 

 You will want to uncheck the private whois box at the top and save them all, they do not all have to have the same contact info, but you will want to have them all public. So you can save all of them (registrant, admin, tech, and billing) with the same info or you can manually save each.