Point domain to Wix

Official Wix dns pages:

 DNS Settings:

nameservers NS1.WIX.COM & NS2.WIX.COM
A records How to get your Wix IP

 On the Dreamhost Side:

(For A records setup)

From the panel,  Go to your  Manage Domains Page and make sure the domain is DNS only. If you have hosting on the domain, use the “remove” button under the “web hosting” column:

DNS only Example

Once the domain is dns only, click the dns link under your domain name and add these records:


Custom DNS Options:

Name: subdomain, leave blank for naked/root domain

Type:  type of dns record, such as A record, Cname, TXT

Value: Target


Settings Needed for this setup:

Name:  leave blank for naked/root domain

Type:  A

Value: Your IP

Name: www

Type:   A

Value:  Your IP

  Click here for Nameserver Configuration


Note: This guide has been created to help simplify setting your domain up. The service you are pointing your domain to, DNS can/might has changed. Always check the hosts official page to verify the records.