How to correctly add Custom DNS

How to correctly add Custom DNS to your domain.

Start by going to your Manage Domains Page :


Find your domain:

Find your domain, my domain is currently Redirecting. Since the domain is redirected their are already (non-editable) records:


These records are here because of the cloak, Redirect, Parked, Mirror, or fully hosted domain . So you will need to set the domain to dns only to remove those:


You can set the domain to dns only by using the “Edit” under the Web Hosting column, or simply use the remove, deactivate park, or deactivate cloak:


Once the domain is DNS only (dns only will not disable your email services),  then the non-editable records will be removed:


Now you will be able to add your own custom DNS. If you are using A records make sure to set one up for the naked (non-www) and the www subdomain.


Name:  leave blank for naked/root domain

Type:  A


Name: www

Type:   A


(or if you need a Cname)

Name: www

Type:   Cname


DNS ONLY will only disable hosting for the site, not the email. Your email service will remain intact. 

If the dns you need only provides  you with a cname record, then you will have to add the cname record for the www subdomain, then go back to the Manage Domains Page  and click edit, then set your site to redirect to the www version of the site. So the redirect would be redirect to This will have both domains go to the www where your record is.